Search Instructions

•   You must complete at least one search criteria field.

•   If you are seaching by instrument #, all other search criteria will be ignored.

•   The doument type field is used as a filter, and cannot be used to search without additional search criteria.

•   If searching a common name, enter the last name and at least part of the first name (e.g. Doe, Jo).

•   If using description field, enter minimal information, such as only the subdivision name (Creekside) or only the section number (17).

•   The more information you enter, the fewer results you will receive.

•   You will receive results only if all the information you enter matches the database information.

•   You are accessing a very large database, so please be patient while the search runs.

•   Clicking the 'HOME' link on the menu bar, or the 'Reset' button, will clear your search criteria and results.